Hp 9500 Color Toner Cartridges -  Color Supplies, Drum, Transfer kit, Fuser Kit



HP 9500 Color Toner Cartridges, Drum, Transfer kit, Fuser kit.

HP supplies ensure output consistency throughout the life of the supply. High-yield 25,000-page** print cartridges contain toner with enhanced pigment and gloss properties. Long-lasting 40,000-page image drums reduce intervention needs. Smart printing supplies*** provide proactive alerts, remote troubleshooting, and print job tracking. Separate print cartridges and image drums deliver a cost-effective solution for printing color-intensive documents. Hp printing supplies are "designed together to work together" with HP printers, we mean it. At HP, we engineer print cartridges, papers, and transparencies with the same care and attention to detail that goes into our industry-leading printers. The result? A total printing solution that delivers exceptional quality, versatile applications and legendary HP reliability. All page coverage is based on 5% average coverage.

HP Color Toner Cartridge / SUPPLIES Pricing
HP 9500 Color Color Toner Yield Part# Price
Hp Color Toner Black 25,000 Pages C8550A $150.00
Hp Color Toner Cyan 25,000 Pages C8551A $310.00
Hp Color Toner Yellow 25,000 Pages C8552A $310.00
Hp Color Toner Magenta 25,000 Pages C8553A $310.00
Hp Color Drum Black 40,000 Pages C8560A $305.00
Hp Color Drum Cyan 40,000 Pages C8561A $473.00
Hp Color Drum Yellow 40,000 Pages C8562A $473.00
Hp Color Drum Magenta 40,000 Pages C8563A $473.00
Hp Cleaning Kit Cleaning 50,000 Pages C8554A  $47.98
Hp Fuser Kit Fuser 100,000 Pages  C8556A  $295.00
Hp Transfer Kit Transfer 200,000 Pages C8555A $377.00
All Hp Color Supplies are OEM/NEW. We don't sell recycled consumables they don't work well in Hp color printer's.
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All prices are U.S.  web prices. Actual prices may vary or change with out notice.

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